Photo Galleries

I’m going to set up some galleries as I go. Come back often to see what pictures might be new.

North and West

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New England

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5 Responses to Photo Galleries

  1. Tornadofriek says:

    Nice pictures Uncle John!!!!

  2. Garden Girl says:

    That twisted tree looks like a rearing dragon! I love trees – they remind me of people.

  3. LaFrance says:

    Awesome pictures! Especially love the rainbow ending over the casino. :)

  4. Garden Girl says:

    The Red Dragonfly is just so special, but I am drawn to the dirt road between the tall trees – so inviting.

  5. gina says:

    wow-incredible pictures–i too loved the red dragonfly and the perfect reflection of the pine trees in a lake–and the rainbow–the feeling behind them is palpable

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