Here’s to The Bard!

Tuesday night, John and I happened upon Shakespeare in the Park, a FREE performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Abridged.  This was a rollicking parody of The Bard’s works performed by 3 guys in the lovely Louisville …

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AP English Reading Marathon

As most of you know, I am spending the week in Louisville, Kentucky as a hired National English Literature Exam Reader.  What exactly am I doing, you ask?  Each May, 359,000 high school seniors across America take this exam, which …

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The Call to Post

John decided we must visit Churchill Downs since my family is big on the Derby, with a sometimes-annual gathering of race lovers donning hats and placing fake bets on the horses we want to win at Our Old Wisconsin Home. …

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Louisville, day one…

Here in Louisville, somewhere South of the Middle:  We entered downtown Louisville crossing the central bridge over the Ohio River on Thursday, June 9.  As I looked lovingly at the bridge on our right and the bridge on our left, …

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On Our Way – Summer 2011 Edition

We’re on our way for the summer of 2011 trip. We left Wisconsin on Wednesday, shortly after Joy checked out of school for the year, the lawn was mowed, and we had a small surgery to remove a permanently entrenched …

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Forum Is Up

I’ve installed some forum software at, so we can discuss these trips, or ideas for new places to go. There is a link in the Menu under the Home page. Let me know what you think.

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Upcoming trips

So … I’ve moved my blogging to my new iPad. This should help me do more regular updates. And I’ll need that ability in the months to come. Here is my upcoming schedule: — March – two weeks with a …

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iPad 2.0 Release

Ok, I am biting the bullet for an iPad. I’ve been waiting almost a year, since the first one to hit the market, to go for the 2.0 version. They are being released at 5pm, so I am in line …

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Breakfast at the Roadhouse

When Adam came to the Roadhouse for his Man vs Food segment, he ordered the Standard, Full size. Luckily, I have no one to impress so I could go with the half size. Good thing, too. Without the camera and …

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Talkeetna, Alaska

Believe it or not, I actually made it to Talkeetna, my original destination. Tonight I stay in a bunk at the Roadhouse. I also get to try two places to eat that were on “Man vs Food”! I can hardly wait.

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