The Mile High City

After a small breath at home, only enough time for a big party with 100 of our closest relatives, and two weeks of family visits, we are on the road again… Well, in the air again, for a week in …

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Sunday, Day 13 – Innsbruck, Castles, and More

Anther one rides the bus — German driver Through Astria and southern Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle, Bacon pizza Weiskirche – the white church Train back to aschau Duck at the Inn

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Saturday, Day 12 – Salzburg (Austria)

Time is running short and as with any vacation, I would like just a couple more days! After our day of rest and local perusing, we take the morning train to Salzburg, Austria, only 90 minutes away. Five of us …

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Friday, Day 11 – Resting in Aschau

need a day off walk into town to look at shops, coffee shops, gelato other things that are special in town from the week: – Bert’s fish – icy cold foot bath – shops – bikes and little cars – …

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Wednesday, Day 2 – Kadarta

We got into Budapest about a half hour late, maybe 10:30 in the morning. Eva Boda, a third or fourth cousin, met us at the bus station with open and loving arms, recognizing us from a picture my dad had …

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The Race Begins

Okay, the NAGs are flying beyond their typical boundaries and heading to Europe. The race starts today, coincidentally in Indianapolis, IN. We’ve been refueling for the last couple days with Matt and April, and this morning start the trek to …

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On Our Way – Summer 2011 Edition

We’re on our way for the summer of 2011 trip. We left Wisconsin on Wednesday, shortly after Joy checked out of school for the year, the lawn was mowed, and we had a small surgery to remove a permanently entrenched …

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Forum Is Up

I’ve installed some forum software at, so we can discuss these trips, or ideas for new places to go. There is a link in the Menu under the Home page. Let me know what you think.

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Upcoming trips

So … I’ve moved my blogging to my new iPad. This should help me do more regular updates. And I’ll need that ability in the months to come. Here is my upcoming schedule: — March – two weeks with a …

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iPad 2.0 Release

Ok, I am biting the bullet for an iPad. I’ve been waiting almost a year, since the first one to hit the market, to go for the 2.0 version. They are being released at 5pm, so I am in line …

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