Sunday, Day 6 – Kampenwand (Aschau, Germany)

Sunday greets us with cool rain so we wait for the afternoon to hike the Kampenwand, which translates to Comb because the top peaks look like the teeth of a comb. Our trail begins right outside the Brucker, our home here in Bayern (the German name for Bavaria). We walk about a half mile to the tram and ride a 4-person gondola a LONG way up to the almost top.We hike the narrow paths the rest of the way as they wind around and upward to just below the peaks. Along the way we stop to pet the belled Alpine cows grazing all over the mountainside. They are obviously used to people as they welcome a scratch on the head. John is a photo maniac and this place is like pirate’s booty as every turn provides a treasure trove of post card views and intricate Alpine flowers in yellow, pink, white, orange and purple. The constantly changing light brought on by the overcast weather creates patterns of sun and mist through the mountain and valleys below. Only a divine God could create so much beauty for us to marvel at. After a couple of hours we wander to the mountain top restaurant for our reward: fresh buttermilk courtesy of our new bovine friends, served ice cold in Lowenbrau mugs! As the gondola trolls back down the mountain, we take breathtaking shots of the Aschau Castle and our vacation paradise! .)




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