Wednesday, Day 2 – Kadarta

We got into Budapest about a half hour late, maybe 10:30 in the morning. Eva Boda, a third or fourth cousin, met us at the bus station with open and loving arms, recognizing us from a picture my dad had sent perviously. She laughed and cried, and hugged us both as if we’d known each other our entire lives.
Eva and Zoli (Zoltan) live in Veszprem-Kadarta, about a two hour drive southwest of Budapest. We had an interesting drive through the big city, as Eva’s GPS kept coming up with new routes to give us the best tour of the city 😉
Eventually, we got to their house. Joy will probably tell you more about the gardens and such, but for now just appreciate that Zoli has spent nearly 30 years building and improving the house and yard.
Eva is the consummate Hungarian wife, caring for Zoli so that he can spend his time providing for the family. She served us food like I haven’t tasted since I was growing up with great grandma Julia!
(it is so much more fun talking about this handmade food than about simple restaurant fair… 😉
Eva made a lot of food, but nothing that is out of the ordinary, I suppose, for visiting loved ones. The quantities were far beyond Joy’s expectations, but fit wonderfully with my taste buds.
On the first day, we started with a gyulas (goulash). A big bowl of beef stew with a warm, meaty, paprika-based flavor. This was a meal in itself. In fact, Joy could barely finish it, and passed some of it to me. Only to find out that it was only a warmup for the main meal – homemade sausages wrapped in pork chops, parsley-buttered potatoes, cucumber salad and picked beets, and pogashas (?? Cheese-covered biscuits, light, flaky, from scratch). Oh, don’t forget dessert – chocolate torte-like bars with a fruit filling, and apple pie bars. Wow!
Luckily, dinners were lighter, more “continental” I suppose. Hard boiled eggs, fresh tomato and Hungarian peppers to slice, pogashas, and “cold cuts” (thin slices of two sausages similar to pepperoni, one smoked, one not). Leftover pork rolls.
The second day’s main meal was chicken paprikas …




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