Tuesday, Day 1 – Munich

Munich or here in Germany – Munchen! We are so tired as we trudge the city after being up over 24 hours from flying. But, we have an 11 p.m. bus to catch to Budapest and we are alone and not oriented to this big city. We locate a grocery and wander among the foreign foods to see what the German folks eat decide to buy a loaf of bread, some cheese and a collection of tiny flavored butter pats in herb, onion and BBQ! We try to find a park and, call it providence – we find the Augustiner Keller outdoor Beer Garden (Bier Garten). Here they have counters of all sorts of foods from deli items to sausages, giant pretzels, ribs, pork hocks and extra large mugs of cold brewskis. Although nobody is here when we arrive, by 7 p.m. about 2000 people noisily occupy the tables. Some bring their own picnics but all carry giant beers to the tables and clink their glasses loudly in toast after toast. The atmosphere is made even more lively by a band with a female singer, doing pop songs in German like Surfing USA! On a trip to the bathroom, we both spy a man char to broiling whole mackerels and decide we must take the plunge and try the roasted fish. Good stuff – not too smokey or oily. Prost!
Around 10, we gotq to the bus station, only to find that the pay toilets are not allowing new customers (luckily we still fit under the turnstiles). We manage to clean up a little, and wait for our bus to finally arrive at 12:15 in the morning. We met several ladies traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria and Vienna, Austria, all waiting for their late busses as well.
Eventually, we get to Hungary…




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