The Race Begins

Okay, the NAGs are flying beyond their typical boundaries and heading to Europe. The race starts today, coincidentally in Indianapolis, IN. We’ve been refueling for the last couple days with Matt and April, and this morning start the trek to Chicago to catch the plane.

Not to be thought boring, I of course had an incident with some sort of “boo-boo” on my collarbone. The doctor at Urgent Care looked at it. Looked some more. Poked a little. Made a joke. Looked some more and shook his head. In the end, he said it looked more like an inflammation rather than an infection, but sent me off with both an antibiotic and a steroid.

Our trip through Europe is looking good. We land in Germany on Tuesday, and then leave for Hungary on a bus that evening. We’ll be met at the bus stop in Budapest by some of my relatives (third- or fourth-cousins?) from the Ribar/Dovola side of the family. Then we’ll be going to Prague, where we hope to meet up with Aline, my daughter-in-law who is still waiting to get back to my son Mike… They’ve been approved, in theory, but now there is a possibility of another 8 weeks wait… They got married last year, and still haven’t been able to live together. Go figure!

And, I finished my book today. It is being released on September 15th, so I needed to meet the deadline today in order to get through the rounds with various editors, layout people, and so forth. Now I get to start the promotional trail 😉

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